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Couch Consulting

Elissa Couch

Professional Wellness Coach

Mind Your Shift

Exclusive Membership Site for Professional School Counselors

~ Do others tell you how you should do your job when they have no idea what they’re talking about?
~ Are you letting others define your work, or worse, define you?
~ Do you feel alone in your work, second guessing yourself, wondering how you handled a situation?
~ Does this keep you up at night?

If you are ready to take a deep dive into the depths of your mind, let go of the beliefs and mind barriers that stop you from serving others in a meaningful way, then you are ready to join

MIND YOUR SHIFT is an exclusive club for school counselors who are ready to work on their inner game, so you can show up, stand up, and rise above the workplace bullshit, giving and living the best version of yourself for your students, your family and most important - you!
I have been in your shoes, and I struggle with these issues, too.

I’ve also developed routines and rituals that have enabled me to go from feeling overworked and undervalued, to confident and calm in my work and in my life. My goal is to provide a private forum where can lean on and lift up each other, so we can be the bad-ass superheroes we are meant to be!
I am looking for school counselors who are willing to take this journey with me…

Let's  Get This Party Started!

Elissa Couch

Professional Wellness  Coach


I am so excited you are here! Since I became an educator in 1983 (yikes!), I have been on an amazing journey filled with peaks and valleys that have guided me to carry out my purpose, my mission.
I am dedicated to all school counselors who know that there is more to their work than a comprehensive counseling program. We honor the profession by serving all who are in need, but we sometimes neglect our own needs. We agonize over how we handle certain situations, and many times feel as though we are overworked and undervalued. When staff and administrators have unrealistic expectations we sometimes allow ourselves to take on the political emotions that are counterproductive to our work with our students.
But, we persevere...
We continue to give our very best, even when we are not functioning at our very best. This site is a gift to all of us. We will explore the key elements to re-designing your mind so you can be the best version of yourself and be the bad-ass counselor you are meant to be!

Love and Success to You, Always,


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